You have a fantastic business idea. But are you satisfied with your progress so far?

Setting up a company is just the tip of the iceberg in an entrepreneurial journey. Are you able to convince customers to use your product/service? Do you have subject matter expertise? Are you able to grow and scale?
An Entrepreneur is a Builder. The term ‘Builder’ encompasses a variety of people who are engaged in the process of building something that creates economic energy where none existed before. For example, builders use their talents to create new products, services, opportunities and — more importantly — jobs.
GALLUP has found there are three players in the development of any organization, whether it’s a new enterprise, a new division, new product , new territory expansion or new growth strategy. They are called the “3 alphas”: the alpha Rainmaker, the alpha Conductor and the alpha Expert.
When this combination exists in an organisation or on a team , the likelihood of it breaking out and blooming grows exponentially.

Courtesy: Gallup


The first step is to know yourself. Gallup research indicates that knowing your strengths will increase your confidence in your ability to build. 

Learn how to discover and identify opportunities.

Ideas mean nothing without action. Create minimally viable solutions.

Successful builders understand talent distribution, rely on networks and co-create with their customers.

Would you like to know if you are an alpha Rainmaker,  Conductor or Expert?